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Whether it is repairs or new installations, a fence is required to establish boundaries and maximize space.

The city is home to some options, but there is nothing more important than precision and efficiency.

Long Beach has seen a fascinating rise in new properties. With over 470,000 people residing in Long Beach, it is a vibrant city with an array of properties on offer. All of these properties whether commercial or residential require one thing, and that is beautiful fencing.

With the weather remaining beautiful year-round in Long Beach, a perfect fence can add quality and consistent to a property in seconds.

Our service has been around for years and understands the nuances of providing excellent fencing.

With high-quality workmanship and a proven track record, we are the fencing contractor for you.

The Greater Long Beach area is well spread out and has thousands of properties. This service has worked in all regions and understands the local climate better than anyone else. This ensures the fencing is made for the climate and will last.

It is time to go with the best!

Installation in Long Beach Area

  • Want to have a new fence installed? Wish to have it done in a safe manner? This service will not only install the fence but ensure it is being done as required. All safety standards are met with completed projects.


  • The installation is going to be seamless and look aesthetic from all angles. The client will have additional inspections carried out demonstrating the stability and quality of the fence. All materials being used are safe and proven to last in the local climate.


  • We are a professional fencing contractor who installs hundreds of fences a year and recognizes the value of consistency.
Chain link fencing examples
Various iron fence examples

Commercial And Residential Projects

What projects are accepted by this team?

  • All projects are welcome whether they are residential or commercial.
  • Our team has seen various sizes over the years and understands how to make things work and ensure the quality remains as desired.
  • A customized plan will be established to ensure you are satisfied with the work being done.
  • Every project will be completed with the use of world-class materials and techniques.
  • A customized solution is a must, and all details will go through the client before being finalized.

Clients will know this is a risk-free service and will be done the way you want it to be. This is a guarantee.


Modern And Classic Fencing Styles

Have a specific requirement?

  • Want an aesthetic fence which adds value to the property? It is essential to go with a proven service with an array of designs.
  • Our service has a tremendous collection on offer for Long Beach property owners wanting perfection.

Why choose a design that doesn't flow or lacks value? It is time to go with the best instead.

These designs range from modern to classic based on a client's needs and wants. Choose a picture-perfect option based on your requirements and get the fence of your dreams as soon as possible.

To know more details, Call us  562-210-02-09

Is your fence broken down?

Are there pieces of wood missing? Is your fence broken down? Don't like the look of it?

  • The fence does not have to stay the same.
  • It can be altered and repaired with the right hands at work.
  • Our service provides trained professionals who have years of experience and know how to repair fences with precision.
  • All work is carried out in a meticulous and professional manner.

The repairs will be conducted after a full assessment is done on the integrity of each piece and then the work will take place as needed.

broken chain fence

It is time to go with the trusted provider.

Why have the fence installed by those who have never done it before? It is time to choose the best in town and have the work done in a safe and efficient manner. Durable fencing is imperative, and this team understands that better than anyone else in the market.

With our fencing contractor, you'll be assured the results are as expected with all requirement being met. When it comes to your fencing needs, there isn't a better option in all of Long Beach.

Here is what the service has to offer those wanting the best possible fence.

Call now 562-210-02-09 and speak with a Allfencepros representative.

It is time to change how your fence looks forever whether it is a new installation or general repair work. With a proven hand by your side, the fence will come to life and look fantastic.

Long Beach citizens are urged to choose a professional service with years of experience when it comes to all fencing needs. All fencing is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and maintain high levels of excellence. Comprehensive inspections are carried out before the service completes its work and moves forward.

Choose a meaningful fencing service and get the results you deserve as soon as you want them.

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