Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing examples

Since it’s introduction to the United States well over 100 years ago, Chain Link is one of the most popular and versatile fencing options for residential and commercial properties alike.

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It’s relatively maintenance free, can’t be destroyed by termites or other nuisance insects, and doesn’t require washing, painting, or staining. Once installed, there’s very little to do except enjoy the functionality.

Typical chain link fence

It’s a cost effective choice too.  A large factor in the ultimate price of any type of fence is tied to the cost of materials and the labor required to install it.  The materials in a chain fence, generally, are less expensive than treated wood, cedar, and pine.  It’s definitely less expensive than iron and aluminum and it doesn’t need to be crafted or custom made from scratch reducing the cost even more.

Installation is fairly straight forward and relatively easy for an experienced crew.  In fact, most installation jobs can be completed in just one day.

Overall, since material costs are less and installation is relatively simple, chain link fencing is super popular because it generally costs less than most other material choices.

The downside is they’re mainly “utilitarian”.  You’ll rarely ever get the reaction:  “Wow!  What a beautiful fence you have there.”  Nothing really exciting, artsy, or extraordinary about it.  But, there are ways to make them more visually appealing or even blend in to the surroundings so they’re barely even visible.  In fact, there are many ways to reduce the industrial look.

For example…


Did you know that color choices are available?  It’s not painted.  Instead, the fencing is coated with colored vinyl.  Or, depending on the supplier, it could be an actual powder coat baked onto the steel itself.  


Chain link fencing examples


Black or dark green is a great color for a chainlink fence on residential property because it blends in well with your yard and home.  White, on the other hand, sticks out and is a lot more prominent but may be an excellent choice in the right surroundings.

Another way to add natural beauty is to place flowering or foliage vines and plants near the fence allowing them to grow, fan out, and cover it creating a wall of vegetation.  With a just a little thought, inspiration, and style, a chain link fence can look good just about anywhere.

Various Size Options

A chain link fence can, within reason, be as long or as tall as you need.  The most common heights include 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12 feet.  The taller it is the more “industrial” it looks.  So, if you’re looking for something for your residential backyard, a 4 or 5 foot fence is most common.  

You’ll notice that many softball diamonds, basketball courts, and tennis courts choose a 10 foot height.

AllFencePros contractors will help you select the perfect size for your project.  Just give us a call for assistance and ideas.

Indoor & Outdoor Uses

Not just for yards, a chain link fence can even be installed on concrete or blacktop pavement.  Excellent for businesses that need to add secure storage space outside or to separate developed parking lots.  To increase security, various types of barbed wire can be placed on top to prevent intruders and theft with these outdoor enclosures.

Also great for indoor use on commercial properties as a secure storage cage or to separate open, the mesh steel is an excellent choice when security is required.

As you see, there are many uses for a chain link fence. Is it the best type for your project?  Maybe.  It really just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. 

They’re great for:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Dog enclosures and runs
  • Indoor cages and storage areas
  • Security (barbed)
  • Pools
  • Back Yards

AllFencePros™ will help you select the right fence type for your project. Just give us a call for some guidance and pricing estimates. There’s an endless sea of choices. We’ll help you narrow it down based on budget, style, and look.


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